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What do I do?...

I started this journey about 10 years ago, not knowing what I was doing. It all begun with a small business that I started when I was living back in Romania. 

After two years, when I finished the University I decided to move to Spain. Then I entered as an intern at a Marketing Agency (with not very much knowledge of this language) where I started translating some webpages and «playing» with their sites on the Romanian market. After three months some client called saying he wants to give me some rewards because of the success of my online actions into the market, and three months later the agency offered me a job there. 

During five years I had the chance to learn almost everything about Marketing, leading projects of all kinds (from small local businesses to multinational companies) and dealing with many kinds of people and managing different teams towards one objective: increase my clients’ benefits.

Its two years now since I work as a Freelancer being in charge of projects of all kind. To better understand my daily job, just take a look at what I do:

Project Managment

The most difficult (but also rewarding) is to work with people. You probably know it. I am the one who will deal with every part (person) of your online project, so you can concentrate on your business.

I am the one that makes sure everything happens exactly how it should happen and as I told you it will happen.

Web analysis

This may be one of the most important things about your online business.

Web analysis will tell you what your users do, where do they click and how your website should be.

Pay big attention to this part and you will save lots of money.


Is SEO that important? Yes it is.

Is it simple? No, it is not. 

SEO includes a high knowledge about structures, markets, competitors, strategies, etc. All of these, combined with the profesional control of different tools and platforms. The main objective here is to be able to create the perfect website for the users…and for Google of course.


Before creating paid ads we’ll have prepare the strategy on every platform.

I will be in charge of the Creation, Management and Maintenance of paid campaigns on Google, Bing, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

If your business will require a more complex management, with complex integration, I also have the people to do it.


The most difficult part is to be able to define on which Social Networks do your company need to be.

You need to know where your future clients hang out and provide them the perfect content.

You don’t want to waste time and money where you have no potential clients. Wise decisions will help you grow your business faster.

Market Research

In order to sell something you have to know a few things:

  • Whom are you selling to?
  • Where are your buyers?
  • How do they search for your products?

If you know these three things, you can reach them and do your best in order to convince them to buy your products or services.

Content Marketing

Probably you heard this words -> «Content is the king!«…well, it´s true.

A good content plan may be the difference between zero and thousands of visits on your website.

You want high quality content that engages your clients and make them want your products.


Why is a famous…famous?

Because a lot of people talk about him (good or bad).

With the websites is the same. The more other websites talk about your website, the more famous your website is.

Google likes famous websites. Google knows that famous websites are famous because other websites/people like to talk about them.

Translations & Interpretation

Born in Romania, lived in Spain for the past seven years and traveled the world on every chance I had.

Large experience on text translations and on in-site interpretations as well as audio recordings for commercials or spots.

  • English & Romanian -> Spanish
  • English & Spanish -> Romanian

Email Marketing

Do you have a database of your clients? Do you use it? Is it working? How about new subscribers?

Email Marketing is a powerful toll that needs to be used wisely in order to attract people to your website with personalised offers. You need to make them feel special if you want them to know your brand. 

Make them sell/recommend your mark and you’d have done the perfect job.

Do you have an online business?

My clients come from a wide range of sectors: from agriculture or construction to hi-tech solutions or medical appliances.

I work with different teams on every project. Because every company and its objectives are different I pick different people to work with in order to achieve my clients goal at its best.

Maybe we should talk

I said NO to more than one company just because I thought/felt we are not compatible to work together. I am the first one that will inform you that you should search for another person if I think that there may be a better qualified professional in an exact area of business or process that your company may need at a specific time.

Write me ASAP

Just send me a message with some information about your business and I will come back to you shortly. 😉

Time is

With every second you let go, you might loose an opportunity of growing your business. Don´t let it slip through your hands. Make decisions! 

Let me help you find your customers

Location is important

As I told you at the beginning, I am a traveller. I don´t like to stay in one place – I get bored. I think that nowadays we should be capable of controlling the situation from every corner of the planet. 

There are plenty of platforms to keep everything in order and to be always in touch with your team.